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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 5:13 PM

PS CC 2021 display profile issue

Not entirely sure what triggers it, but every once in a while, PS has issues when re-drawing the screen. For instance when I move an image, it 'flickers' between correct and incorrect (desaturated) appearance.
If I then hit CmdR twice (rulers) I get stuck with the incorrect view.

Gone after I restart PS.

(I think I occasionally saw this in a previous version of CC, but not entirely sure.)

Screencast of the issue (PS CC2019 for reference, which displays the image correctly here)

Working on a 2010 MacPro with an Eizo CG223W (wide gamut), calibrated using Eizo Color Navigator.

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Inconsistent color display on external monitors, Photoshop v 22.1.1 and Bridge v 11.0.1, Mac


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10 m ago

Update: I can confirm PS CC 2019 occasionally buggers up as well: happened just now when I arranged windows '2-up vertical'.

But happens way less often, and unlike 2021, it does switch back to the correct view.

Haven't been able to consistently reproduce, but in 2021 it happens a lot on my system.