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Fri, Feb 8, 2013 3:37 PM


PSD to PDF multiline/paragraph text layer text problem

When I save a psd file with text layers as a pdf that have multiple lines of text the layers with multiple lines of text have text missing/only outlined. A paragraph of text will have the first few lines outlined then a few lines are fine then the last few lines will be missing/outlined. I have tried every pdf setting when saving from photoshop but the only quick fix/work around is to flatten or rasterise the multilined text layer/s. Single line text layers are fine it is just paragraph text layers.

If I create a new file with Illustrator and save as pdf the multilined/paragraph text layers are fine. It is only when I save as PDF from photoshop without merging/flattening/rasterising the text layers with paragraphs of text.

I have tried every changing every setting and I am not using third party fonts I am actually only using Arial font.

I was even told by Pritam an Adobe online help person to file this problem here.
So I hope someone with the ability to fix this problem reads this and fixes it as soon as possible.

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9 y ago

Howdy FooWing,

I'm not seeing this. Are you able to get it with all files? Could you share any of those files with me. I have helped other users the last couple days with PDF problems, but most of those seemed to be related to missing files. Any chance that's a factor here?