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Wed, Sep 6, 2017 11:58 AM

Radial Blur critically outdated

Hi there. I know there are other threads discussing this, but this is so desperately needed I feel it's worth more people shouting about it.
The radial blur feature is woefully inadequate. Anyone who's used it will be well aware of its limitations. I read a response that says the developers don't think enough people use it, so is not worth renovating. This is wrong - a great many people use it regularly. I've also read people suggesting workarounds. We shouldn't need a workaround. Photoshop should do this 'in-house' so to speak. We need:

* A larger window
* An interactive preview of the result
* The ability to numerically alter the focus of the blur effect
* The ability to reset to zero
* The ability to save presets

Thanks for reading this. I hope some changes happen soon.

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Photoshop: Modernize and improve the Radial Blur filter


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4 y ago

I agree, obviously dated. I use it for creating sun beams.



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4 y ago

Yep, they created a whole new interface for creating/applying blurs, but decided not to include radial and zoom. When i previously asked why, i was told that not enough people wanted or used that filter so why bother? Such a silly excuse.