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Tue, Apr 20, 2021 7:17 PM


Refine Selection Automation Issue

I have a group of actions that allow me to quickly select objects and mask them out on a 255 bg for a production eCom workflow. A recent update added the "Refine Hair" button to the Select and Mask tool and as cool as that function is... it does not work well when selecting product photography as it searches for light areas INSIDE the product area. Unfortunately when used in an action the "Refine Hair" tool is applied automatically now with no way to turn it off. This is completely destroying my workflow.

The Refine Hair option has to be a checkbox instead of a button so that it can be turned off in an action. Please see the image below and note the "With Refine Hair" which was not used during the recording of the action so it should be set to "Without Refine Hair." This is apparently impossible right now.

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