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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 7:47 PM


Scratch Disk are Full

Before anything i want to say english is not my first language, I'll do my best to communicate the issue.

Seems to be that Photoshop App is acting like a virus, it save temp files of 64gb. My project is a simple animation frame by frame 
1.69 gb in 1080 hd.

I did everything, i read almost any post and solution, from delete and reinstall the entire suite to delete cache, purge, change photoshop config folder, change my user in windows, in twitter Adobe Care told me that is normal, Scratch Disk need at least 8gb.

The reason why I put all my Disk Drive as Scratch Disk, is because otherwise I can't open my files to keep working or at least export my progreso to show to clients.

It's really INSANE that you guys keep telling me this is a NORMAL thing, my issues start with the new UPDATE from  November 17th 2020.

I really need to keep working and the solution is to plug a 3TB Hard Disk drive? 

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