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Sat, May 15, 2021 3:09 PM


Select and Mask immediately closes in Photoshop 22.4

Whenever I try using "Select and Mask" in PS 22.4 (whether double-clicking on the layer mask or via menu), the select and mask view opens and immediately closes again. This problem is new to version 22.4.

I'm working on the most recent version of macOS Big Sur.

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8 m ago

My "Select and Mask" opens, but is pretty much unusable. The preview window does not update with any of the settings about 95% of the time. And today, the preview started working, but the changes are only sometimes applied to the actual mask when you hit OK. In previous weeks, Select and Mask has frozen Photoshop entirely, causing lost work. I think this is from the Edge Detection option, so I've left that alone since. Frustrating.