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Thu, Jan 9, 2020 11:03 PM


Set Ruler Origin Location in Preferences, New Document Dialog or Menu

I'd love to see an option in preferences under Units and Rulers to set the Ruler Origin (0,0) to be in a different location than the top left corner of the document, either on a document by document basis, or as a default - maybe with a toggle. A 3x3 grid of checkbox selections would be ideal, but a drop down list would work also.

Such as:
 top left - top center - top right
 middle left - middle center - middle right
 bottom left - bottom center - bottom right  

It would work well as an advanced option in the New Document dialog box, too. And, within an open document, access via a right-click on the ruler would make it very easy to change this on the fly.

This would save having to zoom waaaaayyy in to the appropriate location and drag the origin corner box of the ruler to (hopefully) line up with the exact pixel you're aiming for each time.