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Mon, Jan 11, 2021 9:42 PM

Smart Object interfering with Lens Blur filters?

Hi there,

I'm trying to make an action to do apply an adjustable Lens Blur to images.

Select subject, feather, save selection, layer via copy onto its own layer

Copy the background layer and load the above selection, then Modify/Expand 10px, then Content Aware Fill, then de-select.

Next I want to apply a Lens Blur to that new layer as a smart object so that it can later be adjusted.

So, on that layer I Convert to Smart Object then Filter, Len.... (oops ...the Lens Blur filter is grayed out!

Consequently the whole process stops there and I cannot make this action.

I made a similar action that creates a 9 point adjustable Field Blur Smart Object and it works fine, but I just wanted the option of one with a Lens Blur filter because of the shape of the Light bokeh that can be achieved using Lens Blur. 

(just trying to keep up with what most smart phones can already do these days)

I can run that 9 point Field Blur on numerous images in batch and quickly adjust them and save them out and I don't understand why the same thing can't be done using the Lens Blur filter.

Anyone know why that is happening?

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