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Tue, Aug 10, 2021 8:20 AM


The final OCIO / ACEScg thread, goodbye

An OCIO / ACEScg thread that might not last long lol. A reply from an Adobe manager on the Community forum about why there is no OCIO support in Photoshop: "Photoshop is color managed using an ICC workflow which is standard in the still imaging and printing industry, as opposed to video/VFX."

So then why doesn't your video package Premiere support OCIO...? And with regards to Photoshop, "still imaging" encompasses the print industry, but the vast majority of still imagery has nothing to do with print... not in 2021 lol.

This gives the impression that Adobe development is run by stubborn old people who have no clue what year it is.

A perfect example of how out of touch Adobe is: when they removed the Photoshop pixel line tool last year. Thousands of users including artists from the world's top design & effects companies screamed at them, forcing a revert. So Photoshop wasn't the vector print app you thought it was?

There is no reliable 3rd party solution to working with ACES in PS or PP considering updates break plugins etc, and its insane that such cumbersome workarounds should be needed to what is the industry standard. Adobe is not the standard - they are behind everyone else.

I still have to use Photoshop for some imaging tasks but am moving to Davinci Resolve & will discontinue Premiere subscription. Adobe have given no indication that they are interested in color support for any of their professional apps that are increasingly viewed as PRIMITIVE by professional artists.

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In any case, I can understand the frustration. However, many graphic designers who also design online reading, web stuff do not rely on ACES. ACES is only used for 3D and film editing.

Now of course you could say Photoshop can do 3d/rendering (LOL) and film editing too (LOL) but nothing is expanded there. And in my opinion it doesn't belong in Photoshop anyway. But, if Adobe would have it necessary, this function would be integrated surely fast. But they just do not recognize the spirit of the times. Especially with the Allegorithmic purchase, it would make sense to integrate ACES in Photshop or AfterEffects in properly. But they just won't do it because they can. Thanks to Subscription. No need to put the software on another level. This it, this is how i feel about Adobe. The quality of their publications is decreasing more and more. But there is no real alternative, and adobe knows it, and this sucks.


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@derjung Photoshop has no real alternative. Premiere has cheaper and better alternatives... IMO it only exists because people like myself have been too lazy to learn a new interface. The following comparison of hardware decoding support speaks volumes...

Premiere Pro H.264/H.265

Davinci Resolve Studio H.264/H.265