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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 4:17 PM


Timeline animation duplicate frame deletes frames instead.

Hi there. I've been using the Photoshop timeline animation to create handdrawn frame by frame animation for some time now. I think I started with cs 6, maybe cs5, not sure. Im currently running CC and am experiencing really annoying issues that impact the functionality a lot.

1. On some layers when I duplicate frames, instead of duplicating the current frame, it deletes all my frames after the one I am attempting to dulicate.
2. Same for insert blank frame.
3. When I try to paste content into a clear frame on a video layer about 50% of the time it won't work and instead create a new (non video) layer.

I've had these issues in the past (even ith cs6) but now they are just incredibly persistent.
Please Help, I'm out of ideas.
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