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Tue, May 4, 2021 8:50 PM


unnecessary new features in your applications

Hello adobe friends, all my life I have used your products but in recent years you have included too many unnecessary new features in your applications, each time your apps are heavier, at the beginning they required 8 GB recommended and now they recommend 16 GB, and it seems to me a bad move from you to make a change in our computers.


I think you don't like listen what users really need, and for that reason so many people are migrating to other lighter and faster options such as affinity and in the case of photoshop for macOS with pixelmator pro.


your products like adobe are very good, but you have to listen the users, for macOS a lighter change in its interface and performance is important, is not so difficult to adapt your applications to the macOS environment and with a custom layer that goes with your system operational so that this allows the application to be used in a lighter and faster way, that is the main thing we professionals look for.

Regarding the new neural filters, it is the worst feature that you have included in your application, you're not a phone application to include beauty filters, believe me, it's not necessary, this is professional software and you have lost your seriousness.


I hope you can improve and don't make your applications a dump of unnecessary things

thank you

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