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Mon, Mar 22, 2021 2:27 PM

Version 22.3 of Adobe Photoshop does not work with some graphics cards

When I run version 22.3 of Photoshop on my PC under Windows 10 it refuses to do anything giving the error message:  Could not complete your request due to a program error. This has been discussed in Adobe Photoshop Community at https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop/photoshop-22-3-not-working-on-my-pc/m-p/11916388#M523936

From discussions there it appear that the problem is running the program with some graphics cards, notable the Nvidia GeForce 600 series.

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PS version 22.3 is not using my GPU as fully as the previous version.

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7 m ago

I agree that it is most likely a graphic card issue.  I have the GeForce GT 630 and it would not run version 22.3 and I had to back off to 22.1 for it to work.   I upgraded windows 10 to the most recent version and it did to an upgrade on my video drivers and now I can run 22.1.1 but not 22.3.  

The big problem with this issue is that because of cryptocurrency miners video cards are in short supply and the price has increased many times over.