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Fri, Sep 20, 2019 7:48 PM

webp missing for Export in Photoshop

Dear Adobe, Photoshop still doesn't have Export for modern Web - WEBP, JPEG 2000, etc. 
JPEG 2000 is available at Save As, I don't get why is messing in Export.
If you look here you had 24600 views for just one post about this, meaning that a lot of people are looking.

I think a voting system should be implemented so you can drive new features by the number of people that ask for them. Please add a voting system.

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Photoshop: Please Provide Support for the WebP Image format


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2 y ago

It's a bit obscure, but there actually is a voting system here.  Instead of posting as a "problem," which should say bug or technical issues, you want to post as an Idea, which should be called Feature Request. You have to wonder about the people who came up with these names. <BG>

Under an Idea is where people can vote on something. If you first do a search, this topic is very popular and someone may have already posted an Idea asking for votes for an improved Export As dialog.

Many of us still use the old Save For Web since Export As is still missing so much. Votes are good because it does get their attention, but again, search first for a thread on the subject and see if there's a thread you can add your vote to. If you can't find anything with Vote in the upper right corner instead of Me Too, then go ahead and start one.



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2 y ago

Please see related request here, and Vote/Follow page as desired:

This topic should probably be merged into that one.