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Fri, Jul 16, 2021 6:59 PM


When creating a document with pica dimensions, allow the #p# format (to be consistent with Illustrator and InDesign)

When you make a document or shape in InDesign and Illustrator, you can write the pica dimensions as #p#.#. For instance, height of 7p3.21 and width of 5p2. However in Photoshop, you would have to write it as 7.321 and 5.2.

This can be annoying if I'm making a document in InDesign and decide to make a graphic in Photoshop for it, as I want to just copy and paste the dimensions of the image I need to make, but because Photoshop doesn't use the same formatting I can't copy and paste. 

Alternatively, left clicking on an InDesign shape and having an option to create a Photoshop or Illustrator file using its dimensions would be pretty perfect. Especially if the file was automatically linked. 

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