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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 8:50 PM


When you select/copy a vector img from Ai, and paste it into Ps, the outcome isnt ideal

I'm not sure if this is just very poor UI or a bug that we're all just used to.

Everywhere I work, I see a lot of pasting from Ai into Ps because people want create vectors in Ai, but save for web from Ps.

When you select a vector img from Ai, and paste it into Ps

  1. if you have no layers selected a path gets pasted and you have to then assign a solid color for the path for the layer to be created - although this ui isn't ideal since it has extra unnecessary steps, it dose feels somewhat correct since the user wants to paste a path layer and that is what they eventually get
  2. if you have a layer selected and you paste
    • if it's a vector later - the new pasted path replaces the old path - this is also not ideal but seems "correct" -- ideal would be adding the path to the path, or creating another path layer with the same color
    • if you have a regular layer selected (pixel layer - something most uses has no idea) - the new pasted path turns into a pixel mask path layer combo (with no pixels there, so it's invisible on the art board) - this feels very wrong/disjointed

the last situation happens most often and here's why: 

  1. Ps to Ps, Ai to Xd, Ai to Ai all do it one way (correct way) - its established UI -- this situation contradicts what the users are used to
  2. it is a behavior that exists only in this bug/UI
  3. the layer becomes useless and uneditable

Overall it's very frustrating/annoying 

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