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Tue, Jul 20, 2021 2:27 PM


Why did all save functions change?

I really don't get it, if it is a API issue for apple products why did it change for non-apple users.  I have watched a uptick in my pipeline processing time because of this because actions where made and so where scripts, this change completely messed up my entire pipeline.  So now I am at zero and I am questioning abandoning the entire adobe package for new software. 

So let me ask this question, why did it change, why not fix it, why stay with adobe?

-I shouldn't have to do a 4 button hotkey to save a JPEG or PNG

-I shouldn't have to remove the word "copy" from my files every time I save.

-I as a windows user shouldn't have to change my pipeline because of an Apple API change

-I shouldn't pay for a subscription for a program that doesn't work for me anymore.



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4 m ago

Go to Preferences - File Handling and check ‘Legacy Save as’.